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Cookie policy

AdsNavi uses cookies to improve the user experience and optimize the functionality of the website.


AdsNavi uses cookies to improve the user experience and optimize the functionality of the website. This Cookie Policy explains what types of cookies we use, why we use them, and how you can control your cookie settings.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to your computer or mobile device by a website. Cookies help the website remember user actions and preferences. This can make the website work faster and more responsive, and it can help users have a more personalized experience.

Types of Cookies Used by AdsNavi:

  • Technical Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. For example, they allow users to log in and navigate between different pages on the website.
  • Analytical Cookies: These cookies help us analyze how the website is used. The information we collect helps us improve the website and optimize the user experience.
  • Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to deliver ads that are relevant to the user's interests. They can also be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
    Controlling Your Cookie Settings

Most web browsers have settings that allow you to control cookies. You can usually choose to accept, reject, or block certain types of cookies. To learn more about how to change your cookie settings, please refer to the help documentation for your browser.

Consequences of Rejecting Cookies

Rejecting cookies may affect the functionality of the website. For example, you may not be able to log in or use certain features of the website.

More Information

To learn more about cookies, you can visit the following resources:


We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time. When changes are made, we will post a notification on the website's homepage or in another appropriate location.


If you have any questions or comments about this Cookie Policy, please contact us at office[at]adsnavi.com

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