User Experience (UX) for SEO

The end user decides whether you deserve the ranking or not.

2 months ago

User Experience (UX) for SEO

What is User Experience (UX)? 

User experience refers to the entire interaction you have with a product or service, including how you feel about that product or service. Its abbreviation is UX. User experience includes interaction areas such as the loading speed of a site, color code, font, and images. 

Millions of visitors search for many resources every day. They are researching and learning on quadrillions of pages every day. And Google wants to create satisfied customers and therefore prioritizes user experience. 

The end user decides whether you deserve the ranking or not. 

Even if it achieves a good ranking with search engine optimization, at the end of the day, the end user determines the ranking with user experience. The most explainable aspect of this is that users can use the site easily and the site opens quickly. It should be tested whether a user-oriented web page can be opened without any problems and whether it is user-friendly. 

The scroll map needs to be examined. 

Websites have a scroll map. Through certain programs, it is determined which areas the user spends most of his time in. The heat map can be observed thanks to tools such as Metrica and Hotjar. User movements can be monitored, certain notes can be taken, and screen videos can also be recorded. The main thing here is to determine at which points the user is experiencing problems. 

As a result of the notes taken, the old and new versions should be compared by the software developer. This is called A/B testing. Google Optimize is a completely free tool. You can examine the results by showing half of the users the old version of your site and the other half the new version. 

Site speed analysis is crucial for E-Commerce SEO. 

Of course, it would be clumsy to leave out the site speed factor. If you have a slow-loading website, users will return without visiting your website, and this will be a negative for your SEO score. If an e-commerce page, which normally loads in one second, but loads in ten seconds, this directly causes customer loss. 

Customers make their purchases on a fast-loading web page. 

Customers generally decide between the top three fast loading websites and choose one based on their feeling of reliability and make their purchases on that site. If your site is not among the three fast loading sites, your probability of acquiring customers will be close to zero and will result in loss of turnover. 

The operating speed of the top ten websites in the same industry as yours should be checked with a website expert, and the speed at which competitors' sites are loaded should be analyzed. You do not have to know what the factors are affecting the page loading time, but you can request that the site opening speed be increased by making certain reports to your software developer and helping him find the reasons for the problem. 

Coding is a subject that should not be underestimated. 

The developer who did the coding may have used a ready-made website template or developed a custom coding for you. Google uses real Chrome data when performing the evaluation. Extra and unnecessary codes and hard-to-read fonts will reduce your search engine optimization score. The search engine checks and detects if the images do not have alt tags, the buttons are not large enough, and the clicked links are not directed to the correct address. 

Site speed optimization is a never-ending process. 

Search engines update themselves every day. Websites which tire the search engine due to neglect of optimization in this process receive poor scores for their loading times. This user analysis, which is done by using certain techniques, does not always have to be done with tools. When viewed visually, one can sense whether the site is opened properly or not. Such performance evaluations need to be analyzed by an expert software developer at regular intervals. In this way, you can prevent your website from decreasing in search engine rankings. 

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