How people search on Google

The main golden rule: The user needs the information.

3 months ago

How people search on Google

Every day people search for millions of information on the internet in their daily lives. Basically, the aim for a searcher is to obtain an information by inserting a set of keywords into search engine. This is also called query. A query is related to questioning for a data or a request for answers from a database. 

The query type of a searcher may vary according to how they build their questioning. 

Some searchers use a word combination of one to three words and leaves it to search engine understand the intent of the searcher. This is most commonly what is done. There are also some searchers, who use an exact sentence with exact words and phrases to generate more specific results. This definitely narrows the results what searchers look for. 

Logic of the search engine has been evolving over the years; however, the idea did not change basically and processes almost the same rules. 

The main golden rule: The user needs the information. A user can search the information on a specific know web page. So, they will directly type the domain or website name to find it. This is called navigational query. When the user does not know a specific website, they search to learn more about something by typing a set of words or a combination of phrases into search engine. This is called informational query. 

The informational query is the start point of where professional SEO marketers make a website more visible to its audience. 

A search should first be differentiated from browsing. Browsing is clicking from one link to another on world wide web by entering a URL into browser. So, SEO marketers job definitely start with search engine. They also search for audience interest areas and how they build the informational query. 

A clever SEO marketer starts with understanding of the psychology of your target audience. 

Consequently, it is all about what a user aim is. It is crucial to know your audience, how they feel and what they want to know. In this manner the keywords and the concepts you plan must be investigated and set in order to make them reach information about the products or services you provide. 

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